Culinaris Catalogue No. 12 - 2023/2024 Culinaris Catalogue No. 12 - 2023/2024
Culinaris Catalogue No. 12 - 2023/2024
Dear customers, We have once again succeeded in selecting the best of thousands of high-quality kitchen and lifestyle articles for you. Let us take you on a journey through the world of kitchen accessories in our Culinaris catalogue no. 10 and take some time to browse. We at Culinaris are always looking for that special design, that special function or that special shape. There is a lot to discover again, products that really make cooking fun.

Culinaris Online-Shop - Gift Coupon
The Culinaris online shop voucher is the perfect gift idea for everyone. No matter where the recipient is at home, he or she can visit our online shop anytime and anywhere. You just can't decide on a gift?! - Then a Culinaris voucher is the perfect gift idea - after all, the recipient knows best what he or she wants. The voucher code is sent by e-mail to the address you provide. The recipient can then choose their favourite products from the extensive Culinaris range at their leisure. The voucher code must be entered in the order process (in the shopping basket). The value of the voucher will then be automatically deducted from the order total. The voucher is valid for 36 months from the date of purchase. The online shop voucher cannot be redeemed in Culinaris shops. It can only be exchanged for Culinaris kitchen accessories products and not for cash. You will receive the voucher code after receipt of payment.

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