Qult Farluce Trend - Tealight Candle Holder - Christmas Collection - 4 pc Set Gold

Qult Farluce Trend - Tealight Candle Holder - in different sizes - Stylish • Timeless • Trendy - puristic design, the goal in focus


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Qult Farluce Nightlights
Qult Farluce Nightlights - 50 Teelichter - Ø 38 x 25 mm - passend für Farluce™ ∅ 6 und 8 cm. Made in Germany
Qult Farluce Nightlights nature / cream - 50 tealights - Ø 38 x 25 mm - suitable for Farluce ™ ∅ 6 and 8 cm. Burning time 7 - 8 h
Tealights Nightlights white - 50 tealights - Ø 38 x 25 mm - suitable for Farluce™ tealight holders ∅ 6 and 8 cm.
Product number: 1642
Manufacturer: Qult Design Gmbh
Manufacturer number: SET-CC02
Product information "Qult Farluce Trend - Tealight Candle Holder - Christmas Collection - 4 pc Set Gold"

Qult Farluce Trend - 4 candle-shaped tealight holders - Ø 8 cm x 9 cm - Made in Germany

Get ready for Christmas with this lovely set of 4 Advent candles.

The FARLUCE™ tea light holder Trend stands for straightforwardness. The cylindrical shape fits perfectly with a modern interior. A simple design without additional accents. In close reference to the Scandinavian design motto "Keep it simple", Qult's Farluce™ Trend series combines a love of tradition.

Qult Farluce tea light holder

Qult Farluce are tealight holders in candle shape, where only one tealight needs to be replaced. An eternal candle that never gets smaller and always keeps its shape. In addition, it is frost-proof and even the sun's rays and heat do not bother you.

Through the included tea light in the transparent cup, the light of the flame shines through the body of the plastic candle after a few minutes. From a real candle, this beautiful design candle is now almost indistinguishable.

Farluce™ Trend COLOUR are individually hand-painted. So you get a high quality unique piece. The lacquer is applied only very thinly so that the light from the tea lights shines through the body, depending on the colour. For the coating of our tealight holders, only hydro lacquers are used. By using water-based lacquers, VOC emissions are reduced from 80% to 2% compared to solvent-based lacquers. Furthermore, the hydro lacquers are odourless and nonflammable.

  • set contains: 4x tealights Ø 8 cm H 9 cm
  • incl. 50 tealights Qult Nightlights (TLN50)
  • No deformation due to heat. Frost resistant to -20 degrees. Due to the robust plastic, the candle is also suitable for use outdoors and in the garden
  • One time purchase price. Enjoy hours of light and warmth with the easy-to-replace tealights. Excellent for use in garden lanterns, or on wax sensitive surfaces.
  • Easy to clean due to insensitive surface. Excellent for the gastronomy, due to the long burning time of the quality tealights (at least 8 hours).
  • Qult tea light holder! Made in Germany. Safe by self-extinguishing flame in the original Qult tealight.
  • Looks like a real candle through the tealight in the transparent cup. The light shines through the body, creating a cozy and warm atmosphere.


Good design focuses on the meaning of the product and is characterized by its purity!
With the Design FARLUCE product line, Qult provides a source of light with the light and warmth of a true wax candle while maintaining the safety of the self-extinguishing, controlled flame of a tealight.

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